“You’re showing too much skin”

How many times have you been told that you’re showing “too much skin”? Or that your outfit is “too deep”? Or “too revealing”? Or how many times have you been told that “people will see you like this, it’s inappropriate”? Or that “it’s only for me to see”? Or how many times have you been asked “who are you dressing up sexy for”? As if being attractive is a bad thing. As if being with someone implies that you can’t look hot in public.
I’m not actually a proud supporter of the #freethenipple “movement” (which is banned by instagram by the way). I’m not suggesting that topless pictures or “inappropriate”, in your words, are a breakthrough towards feminism.
Feminism is about letting women comfortable in their own way without sexualizing them from head to toe.
Feminism is about knowing that you deserve respect and you don’t need to ask for it.
Feminism is about knowing that it’s your fight, and you can choose what you want to fight for.

I take huge pride in my ability to never give a fuck about what people say. And I hear it doesn’t come so easily to everyone. But try that. Really. The question isn’t who’s going to let me. I’m not seeking approval. The question is who’s going to stop me. That’s who I’ll stay away from. Be so unapologetically yourself that there’s no way you would give a fuck. They’ll either love you to bits, or hate your guts. They’ll even call you a slut by the way. Just a fair warning. Because a woman showing “too much skin” is a slut in our country.
But come on people, move on from “log kya kahenge”. If you have a girlfriend or wife or sister or friend or whoever, who takes pride in who she is and what she does, who is not afraid to talk about things like this and has the courage to come out and say “fuck you” to anyone who disrespects her, you should take pride in her. .
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